Mark Dreistadt

Infinity Concepts

“Launching an infomercial project always has a significant element of risk. By using Colleen, I am minimizing the risk and maximizing my client's potential for success.”

Steve Dworman

$12 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets

“You can spend up to $1 million on production, but unless there's a direct marketing genius behind the script, you have better odds of success in Las Vegas. Colleen Szot is one of the few DR script geniuses in our business.”

David Dikeman

David Dikeman's Command Performance

“I've done 4 unprecedented infomercials and every one has been written by Colleen Szot. Thanks, Colleen. Great job.”

Steve Spinner, Producer


“Colleen writes all my Tony Little shows, she writes all my David Dikeman shows and several other shows for Fitness Quest producers. She's the best.”

Elizabeth D'Orazio, Founder/President


“Colleen is one of the best writers I've ever worked with. She's creative, she's intelligent and she's a hard worker ... It's always a pleasure to work with her.”

David Lindquester, Corona Films

John Balch, Hewcan

“Colleen writes words that sing—and that sells a lot of product.”

Barbara Thomas


“Colleen becomes your business partner, researching your business, your customer, your competition. She produces work that evokes a response—and isn't that what it's all about?”

Mark Huffington


“She's a pro. Writers just don't come better than Colleen Szot.”